A muscular performance.
— The Reviews Hub
Christopher Wollaton gives a commanding, tormented performance of remarkable physicality and mental turmoil.
— Broadway Baby (2017)
An impressive study of the tyranny of beauty.
— The Latest
Brawn offers us an arresting portrait of physical perfectionism sparked by unrealistic representations of the male body in advertising and popular culture, and demonstrates the damage this can do.
— Broadway Baby (2018)
This production is a useful reminder that the objectification of men can be just as damaging as the objectification of women.
— London Theatre 1
This piece confronts some interesting contemporary issues... and lead actor Wollaton puts in a committed and extremely courageous performance.
— The Brighton Source
An excellent play and a thoughtful insight into the fragility that can hide behind strength.
— British Theatre Guide
Brawn is an intelligent and entirely relevant look at the pressures and expectations put on men to conform to unrealistic ideals of physical perfection.
— Culture Fix
It shows how banter, casual judgements, and media imagery can damage the mind.
— British Theatre
A strong and convincing monologue.
— London Theatre Reviews
A must-see play, full of energy and covering a rarely addressed topic but one of upmost importance
— Theatre Box
Treats some challenging topics very respectfully, and illuminates them without feeling forced or self-applauding.
— A Younger Theatre
A fascinating play.
— Close Up Culture
A powerful performance on a vital topic.
— The Spy in the Stalls
— Fairy Powered Productions
A play that demands compassion.
— The Play's The Thing UK
Thoroughly compelling.
— Pocket Size Theatre
A smart and shockingly honest piece of writing performed with great skill and sensitivity.
— Theatre Va-va-voom!